Egyptian Yellow Faience Fly Amulet


A yellow amulet in the form of a fly, with suspension loop. The reverse is flat and bears no decoration.

Date: Circa 664 - 525 BC
Period: 26th Dynasty Period
Condition: Very fine condition.


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The Egyptians wore amulets alongside other pieces of jewellery. They were decorative, but also served a practical purpose, being considered to bestow power and protection upon the wearer. Many of the amulets have been found inside the wrappings of mummies, as they were used to prepare the deceased for the afterlife.

Amulets held different meanings, depending on their type or form. Small amulets depicting gods and goddesses seem to have induced the protective powers of the deity. On the other hand, small representations of anatomical features or creatures suggest that the wearer required protection over a specific body part, or that he/she desired the skills of a particular animal. Amulets depicting animals were very common in the Old Kingdom Period, whilst representations of deities gained popularity in the Middle Kingdom.

The symbolism of the fly in amulet form is uncertain. In the New Kingdom, the ‘Golden Fly of Valour’ was an honour awarded those who had performed bravely in battle. Perhaps the concept derives from the typical behaviour of a fly: the gold variety rewarding persistence in attacking the enemy.

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