Jasper Egyptian Eye of Horus Pendant


An Egyptian red jasper ‘Eye of Horus’ pendant, in simplified form with a suspension loop to the top. Both sides are un-modelled.

Date: Circa 1353-1336 BC
Period: Amarna Period
Provenance: Property of a North London gentleman; formerly in an early 20th century collection.
Condition: Very fine. Repair to the left side.


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The Eye of Horus, also known as ‘Wedjat’, was an ancient symbol of protection, particularly for the afterlife, and was also used to deflect evil. It was highly influential in Egyptian life, with ancient sailors painting the image on the bow of their vessels to ward off evil.

There are six key parts to the Eye of Horus and each has its own value: the eyebrow represents thought; the pupil stands for sight; the triangle between the pupil and the white of the eye is hearing, whereas the white of the eye is smell; the spiral curve, or tail, represents taste; and the teardrop is touch.

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Dimensions L 1.6 cm
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