Jemdet Nasr Marble Bird Amulet


An ancient Sumerian hard stone amulet, most likely marble, of a stylised bird. The amulet is possibly a bird of prey, a vulture, in side profile, dating to the Jemdet Nasr period. It features a flat base and displays carved linear details, including a sunken eye, a pointed beak and a feathered wing on both sides. The animal is depicted with its head looking downwards. There is an indentation on the back, possibly for an inlay or attachment. The sunken eyes might also have held inlays of precious stones. The amulet has been pierced through the centre for suspension.

Date: Circa 3100-2900 BC
Provenance: Acquired 1970-1999. Property of a late Mayfair, London, gentleman, by descent
Condition: Good condition


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The Jemdet Nasr Period took place in southern Mesopotamia and was named after the type site Tell Jemdet Nasr, one of the oldest Sumerian cities and where the assemblage typical for this period was first recognised. Statuettes and amulets fashioned in the shape of wild and domestic animals, are among the most representative objects that have been excavated from Near Eastern civilisation onwards.

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Dimensions H 4.8 cm




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