Large Egyptian Faience Bes Amulet


A beautiful Egyptian amulet of the god Bes produced from glazed blue faience. The head of the dwarf deity is depicted, as typical, wearing a plumed headdress consisting of four visible feathers. The facial features including his beard and glaring eyes have been rendered in exceptional detail to show his grotesque expression. The reverse of the amulet is concave and is pierced horizontally through the headdress.

Date: Circa 332-30 BC
Period: Ptolemaic Period
Provenance: From the collection of a deceased London gentleman, prior to 1988; thence by descent.
Condition: Very fine condition, chipping to the top and back.


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Bes was known as a household deity primarily. Depicted as a ferocious dwarf he was the protector of women and children. His fierce nature lent itself well to protection and Bes was also regarded the protector of huntsmen and the god of war. He gained popularity in the New Kingdom and was worshiped extensively, even into the Roman period. Archaeological evidence, found at Bawiti of a temple dedicated to Bes, comes from the Hellenistic period, with further evidence to show continued use into the Roman period.

Weight 83.5 g
Dimensions L 7.3 x W 4.7 cm

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