Large Egyptian Faience Isis and Horus Amulet


A Ancient Egyptian blue glazed composition amulet of Isis. The goddess is seated on a throne, wearing a tight-fitted garment and a tripartite wig surmounted by the uraeus, solar disc, and bull horns. She holds her left breast in her right hand, and with her left hand supports the infant Horus, who sits on her lap. There is a piercing through the back pillar for suspension.

Date: Circa 715-332 BC
Period: Late Dynastic Period
Condition: Very fine condition. Slight repair to corner of the headress.


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The myth concerning Isis, Horace, and Osiris was one of the most influential in the Ancient Egyptian world. It is said that Osiris’ brother Seth was jealous of his success as ruler of Egypt and so murdered him, tearing his body to pieces and scattering it. In despair, Osiris’ wife and sister, Isis, collected the severed pieces and restored Osiris, allowing him posthumously to conceive a son, Horace. It is Horace who finally avenged his father by killing Seth. Isis and Horace are often shown in this nurturing pose, reflecting Isis’ restorative and healing properties.

Weight 9.0 g
Dimensions H 5.5 cm
Egyptian Mythology






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