Medieval Bronze Pilgrims Crotal Bell Amulet


This bronze pilgrims bell is worked into a tear drop shape with a flat reverse side. At the base of the clapper lays a slit with a circular hole at each end, which forms the lip of the bell. A pellet or clapper would have been placed inside before closure. The top of the bell is formed into a loop for suspension and attachment to garments. The bell is covered in a light green patination which is caused by a chemical reaction due to natural weathering. The clapper is in good working condition and has an attractive peal.

Date: Circa 11th – 14th Century AD
Condition: Fine Condition, small indentation on the front.


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During the Medieval ages, pilgrims would visit shrines though out the world and collect rocks and shells from these destinations, similar to how we sometimes collect shells from the beaches today, to commemorate the trip and to bring some of the sites sanctity back home. Furthermore, pilgrims demanded for souvenirs from distention shrines due to erosion of shrines caused by the latter. This is what brought the pilgrims badges and amulets into existence. Pilgrims would display their amulets on their hats and bags to secure a safe travel and to have a keepsake from their holy pilgrimage. Once discovered, pilgrims’ badges helped us understand and learn the travels that medieval pilgrims have taken internationally.

Weight 6.74 g
Dimensions L 4 x W 2.2 cm



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