Near Eastern – Western Asiatic Bone Green Glazed Pendant

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A Near Eastern-Western Asiatic glazed bone pendant shaped as an arrowhead, featuring a suspension loop to the top. The pendant appears tripartite and each section is carved with thin lines. The front of the amulet still displays the glossy green glaze, while the reverse shows the original medium modelled by the artist. The amulet would have been worn as part of a necklace or bracelet.

Date: Circa 2nd Millennium BC
Provenance: Ex Private collection, deceased estate to grandchildren, London and Geneva, 1990’s
Condition: Fine, the amulet is suitable for modern wear with care.

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The second millennium BC saw a multicultural society due to the interaction of several civilizations from West Asia to the Near East. This brought to the appreciation of further materials in addition to gold and silver, such as glass, wood, bone or exotic raw ones. Moreover, and as shown by our pendant, such jewels and precious items would have been finely embellished with glaze.

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Dimensions L 2.5 cm




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