Phoenician Amuletic Pendant


This bronze Phoenician pendant is exceptionally large and very rare, believed to bestow protection on the wearer.

The bronze figure is heavily stylised with exaggerated features, especially on the face. The male figure raises his right hand to his chin, almost touching it with his thumb. The left arm is held away from his body, also with an extended thumb. The hair is highly stylised in thick masses brushing his shoulders, though the musculature of the body is crudely rendered. The left leg is behind the right and gives his stance a sense of motion and dynamism.

Date: Circa 5th - 4th Century BC
Condition: Very good condition.


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The figure is possibly Kadmos, a Phoenician prince who was said to be very brave. He was also credited for introducing the original, or Phoenician, alphabet – phoinikeia grammata (“Phoenician letters”) to the Ancient Greeks, who adapted it to form their own alphabet. The Phoenicians were also famed across the ancient world for their metalwork, which they traded throughout the region and with the Greeks. In addition, sailing abilities of the Phoenicians were renowned, and they feature prominently in Homer’s Odyssey.

Weight 80 g
Dimensions W 3.3 x H 7.6 cm