Phoenicio-Egyptian Amuletic Pendant


A glazed pendant, which may have been used as an amulet, shows the head of a cherub in high relief. The cherub is here rendered in the traditional style with tightly-curled hair and a round, youthful face. The bare reverse of the amulet is pierced for suspension.

Date: Circa 2nd - 1st Century BC
Condition: Fine condition; minor damage around one side of the suspension piercing.


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Phoenicia is generally agreed to have included the coastal areas of modern-day Lebanon, Israel, and southern Syria. As a result of its vast coastline, Phoenicia became a wealthy maritime power, and was well-known as a centre of trade and luxury.

Decorative items of this sort may also have served a practical purpose, being considered to bestow power and protection upon the wearer.

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Dimensions W 2 cm



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