Romano-Celtic Bronze Bird Amulet


A Romano-Celtic cast bronze figurine of a bird. Finely engraved lines are visible, giving the impression of feathers. The figurine is pierced for suspension, meaning it was likely worn as an amulet. The bronze features some attractive pale green patination.

Date: Circa 1st century BC- 3rd century AD
Condition: Fine, complete and intact. The item is mounted on a custom made stand ideal for display.


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Amulets were a prominent feature of the material culture of a vast number of ancient civilisations. They were generally small talismanic ornaments, believed to have a wide variety of magical or religious capabilities. Birds were frequently associated with divinities in both Celtic and Roman religious traditions, and were often interpreted as omens, which led to their association with good fortune and protection from bad luck.

Weight 23.4 g
Dimensions H 3.5 cm