Selection of Egyptian Gold Teardrop Amulets

A selection of delicate ancient Egyptian cast gold amulets, formed into a teardrop shape. The amulets feature a pyriform shaped body with a soldered loop terminal for suspension.


Date: Circa 1550 – 1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Condition: Excellent condition.
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Teardrop beads such as these would have typically been used as further embellishment with necklaces or bracelet, especially broad collars. So strong was this association that the hieroglyph for gold was the depiction of a broad collar. Egypt was a country rich in natural gold, taking advantage of the fruitfullness of neighbouring Nubia, which was rich of the natural element. Egyptian gold, in its pure form, contained silver and the varying colours of Egyptian gold represents the amount of silver also found.

To find out more about Ancient Egyptian amulets please see our relevant blog post: Egyptian Amulets and their Meanings.


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