Selection of Faience Amulets of Rearing Cobras

A selection of four blue faience amulets, each modelled in the shape of a stylised rearing cobra. The undulating snake sits on a rectangular base and features a loop for suspension to the top, now partially blocked by sediments. Characteristic of New Kingdom faience amulets, are the flat and unworked reverse and the suspension loop to the top. INDIVIDUALLY PRICED.

Date: Circa 1550-1069 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Condition: Fine, with some loss of glaze.
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The cobra was associated with the Lower Egyptian goddess, Wadjyt. An important deity, she was associated with royalty and kingship. The rearing cobra, with its hood extended, was known as the Uraeus and was worn by the pharaoh, often together with the vulture goddess Nehkbet. The two goddesses were so deeply imbedded in the concept of divinity, that the pharaoh’s second name was known as the Two Ladies, to represent the two goddesses. The cobra amulet was also listed listed as one of the definitive amulets to be included in the burial process. Usually more than one was placed with the deceased and was meant to provide the same protection reserved for royalty.

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