Selection of Lapis Lazuli Egyptian Lotus Amulets

A selection of Ancient Egyptian lapis lazuli amulets, modelled in the shape of a blooming lotus flower. The lotus petals feature well-defined details which have been accomplished through incised fine lines. They each feature a small loop to the top for suspension. All boast slightly different hues of blue.

Date: Circa 1000 - 500 BC
Period: Third Intermediate - Late Dynastic period
Condition: Very good condition
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Lapis lazuli was considered a semi-precious stone and not found locally to the Egyptians. Its status and value derived in part from the fact that it had to be imported, most likely from Afghanistan. The lotus was an important symbol in the ancient world and in Egyptian civilisations, as it stood for rebirth and creation. Lotus flowers open during the day, and close at night, thus illustrating the journey of the god, Khepri, who rolled the sun across the earth, and in doing so created day and night. Further symbolising the renewal of life.

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Semi-Precious Stones

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