Superb White Glazed “Pilgrim’s Flask” Amulet


Romano-Egyptian white glazed amulet in the form of a model ‘pilgrim’s flask’. It has a rounded body, a spout, and two handles. There is a loop for suspension on top.

Date: Circa 1st Century BC
Period: Late Ptolemaic - Early Roman period
Condition: Fine condition.

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The Egyptians wore amulets alongside other pieces of jewellery. They were decorative, but also served a practical purpose, being considered to bestow power and protection upon the wearer. Many of the amulets have been found inside the wrappings of mummies, as they were used to prepare the deceased for the afterlife.

These flasks were used by pilgrims in antiquity and the early Middle Ages to carry water or oil back home from the sanctuaries they had visited.


Weight 1 g
Dimensions H 2 cm




Reference: For similar cf. Andrews, 1994, 96a, Museum of fine arts, Boston, accession number 64.2257

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