Ordos Belt Plaque of Recumbent Stags

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A finely cast Ordos bronze belt plaque, depicting the naturalistic shape of a pair of recumbent stags sharing one body. Their legs are presented tucked under the body, as though lying down. There are two hollowed circles decorating the body, suggesting they might have been embedded with precious inlays.  Similar circles have been used to represent the large eye’s of the animal. Echoing the undulating legs of the each stag, their impressive antlers are also depicted interwoven. The stag represented on the right is depicted slightly smaller than the other, perhaps alluding to a doe and fawn representation. The reverse of the plaque is hollowed with two large protruding lugs, designed for attachment onto a piece of fabric or leather.

Date: Circa 6th century - 2nd century BC
Condition: Very fine condition, covered with attractive patina and some encrustation..

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The nomadic Ordos civilization and culture occupied the region of modern Mongolia and China, from the 6th century BC until the 2nd century BC. Although being in direct contact with the Chinese Han Dynasty, the Ordos culture was more influenced by the Scythian peoples of the Steppes. The Ordos civilization is primarily known for its craftsmanship in working metals and bronzes. Bronzes such as belt plaques, horse gears and weapons were decorated and modelled inspired by the natural and animal world. Scenes of animals in combat are linked with the ancient Near Eastern art traditions.

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