Framed Ordos Human-Animal Bronze Plaque


A Chinese Ordos bronze plaque, modelled in the shape of a human-animal hybrid. Composed of two thin legs with flat widened feet that lead upwards towards a raised body. Two unfurled wings flank the flaring body, attached at the sides. The body leads to a female head with hair dressed with a central parting, curling towards the sides and attached to the wings. Round her neck a necklace has been fitted. Two piercings grace each wing, used for attachment.

The object is mounted on a custom-made canvas frame.

Figure is roughly 4.8cm in length.

Date: Circa 6th - 2nd century BC
Condition: Fine condition, green patination on surface. Figure's back goes through the back of the frame.


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The nomadic Ordos civilisation and culture occupied the region of modern Mongolia and China, from the 6th century BC until the 2nd century BC. Although being in direct contact with the Chinese Han Dynasty, the Ordos culture was more influenced by the Scythian peoples of the Steppes. The Ordos civilisation is primarily known for its craftsmanship in working metals and bronzes. Bronzes such as belt plaques, horse gears and weapons were decorated and modelled inspired by the natural and animal world. Animals were a frequent depiction due to the nomadic nature of the Ordos civilisation.

Weight 237 g
Dimensions L 18.3 x W 18.4 cm



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