Ordos Bronze Plaque Of A Panther


A finely cast Ordos bronze pendant plaque depicting a snarling panther. The panther is depicted standing, with its back slightly arched. Its head is lowered to the ground, echoing its drooping tail. Emphasis is placed on the strong muscular form of the animal’s powerful legs and neck through the use of raised casting. Its facial features are clearly depicted, including an almond-shaped eye, a circular nostril and a gaping mouth, in which its teeth are meticulously sculpted. A bronze loop is cast on the top, suggesting it might have been worn as a personal ornament.

Date: Circa 6th - 2nd century BC
Condition: Very fine condition, covered with attractive turquoise-green patina


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The nomadic Ordos civilisation and culture occupied the region of modern Mongolia and China, from the 6th century BC until the 2nd century BC. Although being in direct contact with the Chinese Han Dynasty, the Ordos culture was more influenced by the Scythian peoples of the Steppes. The Ordos civilization is primarily known for its craftsmanship in working metals and bronzes. Bronzes such as belt plaques, horse gears and weapons were decorated and modelled inspired by the natural and animal world. Scenes of animals in combat are linked with ancient Near Eastern art traditions.

Weight 22.5 g
Dimensions W 5 x H 4.2 cm



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