Ordos Bronze Small Belt Plaque With Running Stag


A finely modelled Ordos civilisation cast bronze large belt plaque in the shape of a stag, depicted while running with its legs underneath its body. The animal’s head is crowned with multiple branched antlers. Anatomical features are here rendered in a naturalistic manner. A beautiful olive green patination covers the surface.

Date: Circa 6th century BC
Provenance: From an important Russian collection, 1980’s.
Condition: Fine, complete and intact. Signs of aging an nice olive green patination to the surface.


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The Ordos civilization and culture occupied the region of modern Mongolia and China, from the 6th century BC until the 2nd century BC. The Ordos civilization is primarily known for its craftsmanship in working bronze. Such bronzes were decorated and modelled inspired by the natural and animal world.

Weight 38.8 g
Dimensions L 5.5 cm