Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet


A fine Ancient Roman glass bangle, drawn and tolled from a single rod of glass to form a spherical shape. The original green colour of the glass has now been covered by a thick creamy patina with some areas of faint iridescence.

Date: Circa 2nd - 4th century AD.
Condition: Fine condition, with areas of earthly encrustation resulting from the aging process.


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From the early centuries AD glass became the favourite medium not only for vessels but also for piece of jewellery. Glass would have been drawn and tolled to create elaborate or simple bangles and rings, set with carved gemstones. Because it was less expensive than luxurious materials but capable to imitate them, it was quickly adopted by the classes of society who wanted to follow the trends but could not afford to do so.

Weight 18.9 g
Dimensions W 7.9 cm



Reference: For a similar item, The Met Museum, item 74.51.344