Roman Glass Bangle


Opaque glass has been drawn and tooled to form this dark blue bangle, appearing almost black. It is circular in section, with a visible seam, and features areas of faint iridescence. There are small patches of creamy weathering visible on the surface.

Internal diameter is 5.5cm.

Date: 1st - 3rd century AD
Condition: Fine condition, with areas of earthly encrustation resulting from the aging process.


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By the first century AD, the technique of glass-blowing had revolutionised the art of glass-making, allowing the quantity of production to be increased, whilst its price be reduced. It also allowed a new flexibility and artistic freedom, with glass now becoming a decorative luxury to rival pottery. It was this novel mass production of the material in imperial Rome that prompted the development of glass jewellery, though its valuable properties today derive in large part from the aging process. For instance, contaminants manufactured into the glass, combined with the surrounding environment over thousands of years, result in beautiful lustres and speckling, where the glass might formerly have been transparent. Colouration can also be attributed to the treatment and setting of the glass by the craftsman.

Weight 19.3 g
Dimensions W 5.5 cm