Silver Celtic Torc Bracelet With Charm

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A charming Celtic charm torc bracelet cast from silver with a hook and ring closure. The bracelet comprises of a twisted metal strand and two piercings each on a flattened part of the band. A smooth triangular charm is suspended on an additional silver hoop, completed using the sliding knot technique, and is threaded through one of the piercings. The other piercing is now bear, possibly once held another charm.

Date: 1200 - 100 BC
Period: Bronze Age
Condition: Very Fine


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The word torc comes from the latin torques, meaning ‘twisted bars’. Torcs were worn widely across Europe during the Bronze Age and included forms of necklaces and bracelets. This jewellery acted as a status symbol, openly displaying the social standing of the wearer. It was believed the torc had spiritual powers, protecting and clarifying the wearer. Charms added to bracelets were considered as amulets or talisman purposed to ward off malevolence.

Silver was associated with the moon and commonly used to make Celtic torcs due to its durability and lasting properties.

Weight 11.4 g
Dimensions W 6 cm



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