Celtic La Tene Period Bronze Bow Fibula


An extremely fine and well-preserved example of a Celtic bow fibula, cast in bronze and featuring a highly bent bow, a raised head, sitting on the brooch’s bow, and an intact original pin. The raised head of this fibula recalls a specific type of Celtic La Tène period fibulae, known as dragon type. The heads of such fibulae have been interpreted as stylised dragon heads.

Date: Circa 3rd-1st Century BC
Condition: Extremely fine, light green patina to the surface.


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The best modern English translation of the Latin term fibulae would most likely be brooches. Their purpose was partly the same as brooches today, to provide a decorative adornment to an outfit, however, in an age when many garments were comprised of sheets of fabric formed into dresses and tunics through complex folding, fibulae also served the vital purpose of securing one’s clothes in place. Consequently, fibulae from across the ancient world come in a hugely varied range of designs and levels of quality, depending on the wealth and personal tastes of the original wearer.

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