Celtic La Tène Bronze Bow Fibulae

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A selection of well-preserved Celtic La Tène bow fibulae, cast in bronze. Each feature a highly arched bow leading to a bilateral spring with a complete and intact pin. The foot, connected to the catch-plate, extends back on itself and ends in a protruding knob, expect A which displays a curved spring nature.

Date: 3rd-1st Century BC
Condition: Fine, with patination on surface
£ 65.00
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The best modern English translation of the Latin term fibulae would most likely be brooches. Their purpose was partly the same as brooches today, to provide a decorative adornment to an outfit. However, in an age when many garments were comprised of sheets of fabric formed into dresses and tunics through complex folding, fibulae also served the vital purpose of securing one’s clothes in place. Fibulae were made from a single piece of bronze which would be bent and twisted to create the final design, this took great skill. La tène followed a simple design of a narrow bow, a spring and an upturned foot. During this era the introduction of zoomorphic and animal brooches had also began.

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