Gothic Radiate-Headed Brooch


A beautiful bronze Gothic radiate-headed bow brooch. It features a D-shaped head plate with raised edge; bands of roundels; and five radiating lobes to the outer edge. In addition, it has a carinated bow and a tongue-shaped footplate with roundels, raised edge, and small lateral lobes. The finial is engraved with a decoration that recalls an animal’s head. There are pin-lugs and catch plate on the reverse.

Date: Circa 7th Century AD
Condition: Fine condition with some signs of ageing and green patina on the surface.


At this point in the history of fashion, brooches, although decorative, were still items of practical use. They were used to hold garments together, as the button was not invented until the 13th century. This brooch is an early example of medieval approaches to art and decoration. Brooches were commonplace in medieval Europe, and indeed in preceding periods, but this one is especially large. The size is indicative of the wealth (and thus social status) of its original owner.

Weight 74 g
Dimensions L 16 x H 7 cm