Greek Geometric Period Bronze Pin

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A fine large Greek bronze pin from the Geometric period. The long, thin body of the pin is unadorned and tapers to a point. To the top is a small ridge which then leads to a large flat disc-shaped head. Beautiful blue patination is visible across the surface.

Date: Circa 900-700 BC
Condition: Very fine condition, minor chips to the disc. The pin is mounted upon a custom-made stand. The pin alone weighs 46.3g and measures 22.5cm length.

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The Geometric Period occurred during 900 – 700 BC in Greece. Many geometric patterns and motifs can be found decorating pottery and other pieces of art thus, the name for the period. It lay the foundations for many cultural developments including the Greek alphabet, rise in religion and the creation of the city state named polis. Each of the different polis within Greece had its own legends and hero’s which in turn saw a rise in the Olympian gods through temples and statues. The development of creating/sculpting human figures during this era consisted of using several shapes for example a triangle for the torso and a globular head with a triangular chin. This era also saw great literature, many of Homers famous works were written during this period including The Iliad and The Odyssey.

Weight 192.9 g
Dimensions W 9.6 x H 23.5 cm



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