Iron Age Celtic La Tène Bow Brooch

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A bronze cast bow brooch of La Tène type, with coil and spring still intact. The bow features a returned foot, as well as three barrel-shaped beads and sleeve to add decorative flair to the piece. The brooch is small and neat, so may have been worn by a woman or a child.


Date: Circa 3rd-2nd century BC
Condition: Fine


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Brooches were a necessary accessory across the ancient world, being used to secure the garments of both men and women. A man would typically secure his dress or cloak using a pin, whilst a lady would more likely use a pin brooch. Brooches differ in their decoration and intricacy depending on the wealth of the original owner, and the period in which they were made. Some later brooches are made from silver or gold and clad with stones, whilst others are plainer and made from cast bronze. Brooches could also be enamelled to add colour and vibrancy to the wearer’s clothes.

Weight 3.3 g
Dimensions L 2.4 x H 1.3 cm



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