Medieval Bronze ‘R’ Brooch


A Medieval brooch cast in bronze featuring the letter ‘R’ with the front smooth and unworked. To the reverse, three short protruding stubs, originally used for attaching to garments or clothing, are placed at the top and bottom of the brooch. Patination covers the surface.

Date: Circa 12th-15th Century AD
Provenance: From the Brookie family collection, Preston, Lancanshire. Bought in the 1990's from an A.D.A London gallery.
Condition: Fine Condition. Pin of the brooch missing now.


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During the medieval period the wearing of brooches was very fashionable, they were used to pin neck fasteners and create decorative folds in clothing. Alphabet brooches symbolised the wearer’s initials or affiliation to a particular cause, much like the incriminating ‘A’ of The Scarlett Letter.  These brooches were often worn during periods of mourning, purposing as a form of commemoration; wearing the initials of those that passed. Sometimes termed ‘sweetheart brooches’,  letter shaped brooches also functioned as tokens of  affection, a symbol of love – wearing your lover’s initials –  similar to a modern day promise ring or initial necklace.

Medieval brooches like this one were usually made from cast or wrought bronze, iron and brass.

Weight 5.5 g
Dimensions W 2.9 x H 2.7 cm