Merovingian Bronze-Gilt Headed Brooch


A Merovingian bronze-gilt radiate-headed brooch featuring a human mask. Comprising at the bottom, a downward D-shaped head-plate with a panel of coiled tendrils and seven radiating ribbed lobes sticking out the circular edge. A raised mid-rib flanked by outward facing crescents and ribbed bosses. Two similar bosses flank the chest-plate, centred by a geometric symbol and faded- moon crescents. Topped with an oval shaped masked face. On the reverse, the original hinge and transverse catch are intact. They would have secured the (now missing) pin. The brooch is accompanied by a custom-made display stand.

Brooch is roughly 7.9cm in length.

Date: Circa 8th - 9th Century AD
Condition: Fine condition, patination cover surface, one of the lobes is slightly bent inwards.

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The Merovingians were kings and leaders of the Franks, living during the beginning of the medieval period. Their rule followed the demise of the Western Roman Empire, ruling over the majority of their lands. Though claiming no descent from any gods, they believed their power derived from symbols and beliefs. The symbols of the crescent moon, the bee and the fleur-de-lis, for example, were considered significant to the Merovingians, referring to divine harmony in nature and masculinity, respectively. Like many other civilisations, they were nomadic, producing items that were easily transportable. Many of Merovingian objects were excavated from burials.

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