Rare Roman General Military Brooch

£ 350.00

A rare Roman fibula (brooch) in the form of a finely detailed standing Roman commander, dressed in military clothing. The pin is missing on the reverse as is most of the catch-plate and hinge.

Date: Circa 4th-5th century AD
Condition: Well detailed and good metalwork, part of the arm and reverse are fragmentary.


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In the cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome, fibulae (or brooches) were originally used for fastening garments. They came in a variety of shapes, but all were based on the safety pin principle. The Etruscans were very fond of fibulae, some of which were very large and decorated with elaborate granulation and processions of animals in relief. Roman conquests spread the use of the fibula, which became the basis for more complicated brooches.

Weight 15.2 g
Dimensions H 4.1 cm



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