Roman Bronze Horse Brooch

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A fine Roman bronze brooch featuring a standing horse on a continental ground line. The elongated dipped body leads to a curved neck, incised to mimic the mane, with the horse’s head bowed. The front leg is extended forward with the other bent demonstrating a bowing pose. The reverse is unadorned and displays the catch plate however, the hinged pin is now missing.

Date: Circa 1st - 2nd century AD
Provenance: Ex Cambridgeshire private collection, 1990's-2000's.
Condition: Fine condition, patination to the surface.


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Brooches within antiquity were items used as fasteners for cloaks, trousers and other clothing items which needed to be fastened. They were thought to be a fashionable addition to the style of the ancient Roman or Celtic outfit. There are several types of brooches found in relation to Romano-British or Romano-Celtic culture: brooches with pin hinges, spring hinges or ring brooches. Horses with or without riders were a common mammal brooch. Although horses alone are fewer in number compared to the horse and rider, the mammal is still, for the majority, shown in action. Whether that be galloping or grazing.

Weight 12.6 g
Dimensions L 3.9 x H 2 cm



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