Roman Silver Dress Pin with Bust

£ 350.00

A unique Ancient Roman dress pin, finely modelled in silver. It features a straight tapering body and head with a female bust; while the details have been worn away, it is clearly recognisable as a female head due to her hairstyle.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd Century AD
Condition: Good condition. Slight wear can be seen around the shaft and the bust head of the pin.


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Pins of this type were used in Antiquity as alternatives to brooches for securing garments. Pins and brooches were extremely popular in Antiquity, having been recovered across all the Roman Empire. Pins, especially the ones modelled in silver or gold, were worn as a piece of jewellery, a public expression of wealth and social status.

Weight 6.1 g
Dimensions L 9 cm



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