Roman Silver Swimming Bird Brooch

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A small silver Roman brooch of a bird featuring a raised oval like body with its wings tucked in. The bird is enriched with two incised bands extending along the lower section and slight grooves that run along the body mimicking feathers. The bird’s ovular head and beak sits upon a wide short neck. Part of the catch plate is visible but the hinged pin is now missing.

Period: Circa 2nd-3rd century AD
Provenance: Ex Cambridgeshire private collection, 1990's-2000's.
Condition: Fine condition, encrustation to the surface.


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Brooches within antiquity were items used as fasteners for cloaks, trousers and other clothing items which needed to be fastened. They were thought to be a fashionable addition to the style of the ancient Roman or Celtic outfit. There are several types of brooches found in relation to Romano-British or Romano-Celtic culture: brooches with pin hinges, spring hinges or ring brooches. Among the zoomorphic brooches, birds and mammals were the most popular and constituted for over 80%. Birds were commonly displayed with either their wings splayed out or by their sides and their heads raised high.

Weight 2.7 g
Dimensions L 2.1 x W 0.7 x H 1.6 cm



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