Roman ‘The Rodings’ Silvered Bronze Bird Brooch


An intricately detailed, Roman brooch in the shape of a duck. The duck is standing, facing to the right, with its wings folded against its body. Beautiful moulding outlines the scalloped feathers over the body and linear feathers on the wing and tail. The eye and beak are also well defined. The brooch is in excellent condition with pin-lug, pin, and catchplate intact on the reverse. There are remains of silvering over the body and head.

Date: Circa 2nd century AD
Provenance: The Rodings Excavation, Essex. Please note that an export licence is required for international purchase. The application will be arranged by the seller, at no additional charges for the buyer. The item can only be shipped after the licence has been obtained. This can take several weeks to obtain.
Condition: Very fine condition, the silver plating is somewhat worn but remains mostly under and around the wing.

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Zoomorphic brooches were a staple of Romano-British jewellery culture in the 1st-3rd Centuries and drew on both real and mythical creatures for inspiration. Common subjects included horses, boars, dogs, hares, and a variety of different birds. This examples takes the form of a duck and likely was a representation of native wildlife encountered at the time. It was discovered during excavations at the Rodings in Essex, UK, and although not identical, it can be likened to other duck brooches from around the country to provide some more insight about its function.

The Rodings excavations took place with the widening of the M25 between junctions 27-30. A series of 29 sites were excavated, along a route that intersected the districts of Epping Forest, Brentwood and Thurrock. Settlements were excavated from the Middle Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman periods, providing valuable insight into daily life in Britain.

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