Romano-British Bronze Wing and Fanbow Brooch


A finely cast bronze Romano-British brooch, known as the bow and fantail type. It features a narrow and arched bow with a horizontal median rib. The bow flares into a flattened, triangular foot, with a decorative undulating line in relief down the centre. The spring wings are prominent and slightly unusual for this type, which are more commonly hinged. It has a well-preserved, original pin and flat-sectioned pin catch.

Date: Circa 1st - 2nd century AD
Provenance: From a Surrey gentleman's collection (DG), purchased on the London Art Market from an ADA member, formed 1990's onward. Lincolnshire find.
Condition: Very fine condition, covered with green patination, featuring a well-preserved, original pin and pin catch.


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Fibulae or brooches were originally used in Ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire for fastening garments, such as cloaks or togae. The fibula designs developed into a variety of shapes, but all were based on the safety-pin principle. Brooches modelled in the shape of animals have been vastly recovered across all the Roman Empire, including Roman Britain. The distribution of archaeological finds suggests that the major production centres for such ornamentation were Britain and Gaul.

Weight 5.5 g
Dimensions L 2.5 x W 2.4 x H 1.4 cm