Romano-Celtic Bronze Fibula in Serpentine Shape


An Ancient Romano-Celtic fibula made from bronze. The body is formed in an elegant, curving serpentine S-shape. Light encrustations and weathering to the bronze have given the body a beautiful silver colouring, whilst the pin features green patination. Original pin and catchpalte.

Date: Circa 1st century BC- 3rd century AD
Condition: Very fine condition; some encrustations and green patination.


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Across the Roman Empire, fibulae (or brooches) were originally used for fastening garments. They came in a variety of shapes, but all were based on the safety pin principle. As the origin of this piece shows, Roman conquests spread the use of the fibula, which became the basis for more complicated brooches, and the style remained popular right up until the Middle Ages.

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Weight 8.9 g
Dimensions L 3.5 cm