Selection of Fine Ancient Roman Bronze Bow Aucissa Brooches

A selection of two fine Ancient Roman bronze bow Aucissa type brooches, each composed of a bow, intact pin, foot and catch plate. It is likely this model was worn by members of the Roman army, used to fasten garments.

Date: Circa 1st Century BC-1st Century AD
Condition: Very fine.
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Fibulae or brooches were originally used in Ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire for fastening garments, such as cloaks or togae. The fibula designs developed into a variety of shapes, but all were based on the safety-pin principle. The Aucissa fibula is a design which started being popular around the 1st Century BC. It features a high semi-circular arched bow, extending into a short foot, and hinged pins held in a narrow tube. Many recovered Aucissa fibulae have the word “AVCISSA” incised to the head, thought to be the name of a workshop where many were produced; others feature an incised linear or zig-zag motif.

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Reference: For a similar item, The British Museum 1881,0909.22

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