Selection of Medieval Silver Ring Brooches


A mixed group of four silver Medieval brooches of different shapes and designs. The brooches vary in size and form, A and C being smaller than B and D. The brooches all have fine detailing in the form of different metal-work techniques. Each feature a free moving pins and the reverses are unadorned.

Date: Circa 15th-16th century AD
Provenance: From an private Wiltshire jewellery collection; acquired on the UK and European art markets between 1986 and 1994.
Condition: Very fine condition
Choice of item A B C D
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In Middle Ages Europe, the wearing of brooch was very fashionable, with the buckle pinned at the neck as a fastener. Brooches of annular form were used by both men and women from the 12th century onwards, becoming extremely popular during the 13th and 14th centuries. Usually they were made of bronze or silver, and in some cases even gold. They were indispensable objects to style and hold garments together but they were also indicators of class and social status

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Reference: For an item similar to D, see The British Museum, item AF.2713

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