Selection of Silver Tudor Clothing Fasteners

A fine selection of silver-gilt Tudor clothing eye fasteners featuring a triangular and heart shape. Each fastener has been gilded and consists of A suspension loop to the top whilst the backs are unadorned.

Date: Circa 16th century AD
Provenance: Private Wiltshire jewellery collection; collection numbers 23, 31; previously in an old collection form the late 1960s-mid1980s.
Condition: Good condition.
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Clothing hooks and eye fasteners were a popular decorative accessory during the Medieval and Tudor period. The function of the fasteners were to hold together garments, to drape up skirts or to simply be used for decorative purposes. Hooks would prevent skirts from getting dirty when outside or were used to display rich fabrics from underneath. These beautiful accessories were also used to fasten collars and gowns without disrupting the patterns featured on the clothing. The materials used also demonstrates wealth, items made from gold, silver, much like this one, copper and gilded metals were worn by those of the upper class and nobility.


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