Tudor Period Silver Clothing Fastener

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An elaborate Late Medieval-Tudor Period clothing fastener, cast in silver and pleated in gold. The fastener is modelled in the shape of a six points star, and enriched by silver granules of different shapes, filigree and twisted rods of silver. The piece features a loop to one end for suspension, now partially visible. Two other hooks or loops would have been present to, now missing. The reverse is smooth and unworked.

Date: Late 16th Century AD
Provenance: Found on the Thames foreshore in 1979 and recorded with the Museum of London; found Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, UK, and disclaimed under the Treasure Act with reference number 2009 T236; found Over Wallop, Test Valley, Hampshire, UK, and disclaimed under the Treasure Act with reference number 2017 T933; accompanied by Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) reports SUR-74111A and NLM-B13ED1; and two disclaimed treasure letters from the British Museum
Condition: Fine condition, suspension loops missing. Part of the original gilding still visible.


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Clothing hooks and eye fasteners were a popular decorative accessory during the Medieval and Tudor period. The function of the fasteners were to hold together garments, to drape up skirts or to simply be used for decorative purposes. Hooks would prevent skirts from getting dirty when outside or were used to display rich fabrics from underneath. These beautiful accessories were also used to fasten collars and gowns without disrupting the patterns featured on the clothing.

Weight 6.3 g
Dimensions L 3.5 x W 2.3 cm



Reference: For a similar item, The British Museum, item 2001,1106.1

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