Viking Bronze Penannular Brooch with Geometric Design


A finely modelled Viking cast bronze brooch, featuring a thick, circular shape, with the lower part expanding to catch the pin. The brooch is further enriched by a geometric style design, comprising engraved lines and concentric circles. An extremely fine piece, with the original pin intact.

Date: Circa 9th - 11th century AD
Condition: Very good condition, complete with original pin.


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Brooches were commonly used to fasten clothes or cloaks in Viking culture. The brooches were worn not only for practical purposes but also as an indication of wealth, fashioned from simple bone pins, to more elaborate gold brooches. Animals and mythical beast motifs frequently feature on Viking jewellery and ornaments accompanied by geometric interlace of knots and patterns. Brooches were worn by both genders, men commonly wore one on their right shoulder while women wore two brooches to fasten their shawls, one on each shoulder.

Weight 34.4 g
Dimensions L 5.4 x W 4.4 cm