Visigothic Radiate-Headed Brooch

£ 300.00

A fine Visigothic bronze radiate-headed brooch featuring a D-shaped plate with five radiating knobs. This leads to an arching bow which connects with a footplate terminating in what faintly appears to be a head with two facing eyes. The head and footplate are mainly decorated with concentric circular patterns and curved lines. The reverse displays lugs and the original pin, a rare aspect. Beautiful green patination covers the surface.

Date: Circa 6th-7th Century AD
Condition: Fine condition with some green patina to the surface. The brooch is mounted on to a custom-made stand.


The Visigoths were a division of the Goths, an East-Germanic people. We have little early information about them, but they were the first people to invade Rome and defeated the Roman Emperor, Valens, in battle. Their tumultuous trouble with the Roman Empire culminated in the sack and invasion of Rome in 410 AD, which was the first time Rome had been taken by a foreign army and it signalled the start of the Empire’s decline. After the invasion, the Visigoths came to occupy what is now southwestern France and the Iberian Peninsula from the 5th to the 8th centuries. They lost much of their Kingdom when they were invaded by the Franks, occupying a small strip of land called Septimania. They were eventually overthrown by the Muslims in 711 A.D.

Weight 55.1 g
Dimensions H 15 cm



Reference: For a similar item, The British Museum, item number 1905,0520.201