Achaemenid Gold and Garnet Earrings


A superb pair of Achaemenid gold earrings featuring a crescent shape and embellished with applied panels of gold granules. Four teardrop-shaped bezels with garnet inserts further enrich each piece. At the centre, the earrings lower into a substantial pendant, held to the main body by a gold band with two vertical grooves. These display a short neck wrapped by a grooved gold band, adorned at the base by a collar of gold granules. The pendants then expand into five drooping clusters of gold granules arranged into inverted pyramidal shapes.

Date: 6th - 4th century BC
Provenance: Ex Japanese gentleman's collection, deceased, 1970-2015.
Condition: Fine condition. Individual measurements: W 2cm x H 3cm and W 2.3cm x H 3.1cm


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The Achaemenid Empire, famous in Antiquity for its richness of gold and precious stones, produced very sophisticated and detailed jewellery crafted from gold, silver and copper. Gold would have been hammered down to a thin layer and manipulated into different shapes. Gold and silver jewellery would have featured gold granules, glass and semi-precious stones inlays and detailed engravings, as seen on this fine piece. As in many ancient societies, jewellery was an important social market used to demonstrate wealth, social status and privilege. In Ancient Persian culture, jewellery was worn in everyday life, but also buried with the deceased as part of their funerary outfit.

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Weight 12.79 g
Dimensions H 3 cm



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