Ancient Roman Single Pendant Earring with Green Glass

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An extremely delicate Ancient Roman gold single earring, featuring an oval hoop decorated with a beautiful glass paste of a vibrant green set in a gold cell. The hoop also integrates a braided gold chain, to which is attached a gold plaque in the shape of a leaf. The chain is reminiscent of Franco jewelry design.

Date: Circa 1st-5th century AD
Condition: Very fine condition. This earring is suitable for modern wear with modern hook or stud applied. Please consult a professional jeweller for any alterations.


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As in many ancient societies, jewellery was an important social marker used to demonstrate wealth. Following the spread of the Roman Empire, Roman jewellery became more and more elaborate in the designs and in the materials used. Interestingly, similar earrings featuring gold chains, dating to the 3rd century AD, have been recovered from the East Germanic regions. Byzantine jewellery was known also for the use of gold chain.

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Dimensions L 6.8 cm