Byzantine Gold and Garnet Earrings Set

£ 995.00

An exquisite matching set of gold earrings from the Byzantine era. Each earring has a fixed hoop of gold wire set with a decoration of Isis Knot type design set with three beads of gold, a barrel-shaped recess containing a garnet and a sun shaped pendant with central detailed scroll patterning in opus interrasile goldwork.

Date: Circa 8th - 12th century AD
Condition: Very fine with a few light earthly encrustations remaining.


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Opus interrasile is a metalworking technique from the 3rd century AD which was developed and popularized in Rome. It involved pierced openwork where metalworkers used it to make arabesques and other similar designs and the method remained popular in Byzantine jewellery. The techinique involves punching holes in metal to simulate lattice patterns, openwork gold jewellery, an so on. Patterns were often first drawn on the metal and then various tools were used to remove the desired pieces.

To disocver more about Byzantine art, please visit our relevant blog post: The Byzantine Empire, Art and Christianity.

Weight 5.62 g
Dimensions H 3.7 cm


Semi-Precious Stones


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