Elaborate Ancient Roman Electrum Earrings with Pearls and Carnelian Beads


An elaborate pair of Ancient Roman earrings modelled from electrum and finely embellished with freshwater pearls and carnelian beads. Each earring features a hook to allow wear, and central arched body, made from fine filigree work, attached to the hoop by a delicate gold chain. Three attachments hang from the central arch, the later ones featuring freshwater pearls and carnelian beads, while the central one features a glass paste bead and a single freshwater pearl. These types of earrings were popular in Roman Egypt.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd Century AD
Condition: Very fine, suitable for modern wear with care.


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During The Roman Empire jewellery was a fundamental and essential social display of wealth. Following the spread of the Roman Empire, Roman jewellery became more and more elaborate in the designs and in the materials used. Semi-precious gemstones, such as carnelian, together with pearls, were used to enrich and embellish earrings, rings and necklaces. Pearls especially were highly treasured by the Romans, worn as a public display of richness and prestige. Many Roman funerary portraits excavated in Egypt, show women of the high society wearing gold earrings with pearls.

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Weight 5.8 g
Dimensions H 7 cm



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