Hellenistic Gold Loop Earrings with Eros


An exceptional pair of Ancient Greek earrings adorned with Eros, the Greek god of erotic love. He is depicted as a child, with his hands resting on his hips and a sash across his chest, to which his quiver would have been attached. A small disc rests just above his head.

Date: Circa 3rd - 2nd century BC
Provenance: Property of a North London gentleman; acquired on the UK market before 2000.
Condition: Extremely fine. These earrings are suitable for modern wear with modern hook or stud applied. Please consult a professional jeweller for any alterations.


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In Ancient Greece, different types of love existed. The eros is the erotic love, the passionate one. It is embodied in the eponymous god Eros, son of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. His Ancient Roman equivalent is Cupid. He carried a bow and some arrows, with which he would have touched the heart of people and made them feel desire for each other. But philia and agape were also types of love, the first one being the affection for siblings and friends, and the last one the deepest sort of love: the unconditional one. It is also the word used in the New Testament to describe the love of God for his children.

Weight 3.29 g
Dimensions L 2 cm


Greek Mythology


Reference: For a similar item, The Met Museum, item 74.51.3508