Roman Gold Earrings with Amethyst

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A pair of Roman gold earrings featuring a central sun-ray discus, decorated with a pale amethyst. A gold trumpet-style drop hangs from the discus, termintating in another amethyst.

Period: circa 2nd - 3rd century AD.
Provenance: Ex Astarte gallery, acquired between 1990-2000
Condition: Excellent.


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The name “amethyst” comes from the Greek, ‘amethystos‘, meaning “not intoxicated” (‘ἀ- a-, “not” and μεθύσκω ‘methysko‘ / μεθύω ‘methyo’, “intoxicate”). The ancient Greeks and Romans therefore believed that amethyst protected against inebriation and bad spells.

Weight 6.2 g
Dimensions L 4.5 cm


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