Western Asiatic Gold, Carnelian and Glass Earrings


A fine pair of Western Asiatic gold earrings featuring a large rhombus with four circles on each of the points mirrored on both sides. Gold granules outline each of the shapes enriching the pendant. Below features a drop pendant consisting of a granulated bead, a large hexagonal carnelian bead and a small light blue glass bead. An electrum pin runs through all the beads and terminates with a gold granule holding the drop pendant in place. Gold replacement hooks have been added to the top of the earrings.

Date: Circa 1st Millennium BC- 1st millennium AD
Provenance: Japanese (deceased) gentleman’s private collection, 1970-2010
Condition: Fine condition, some encrustation to the surface

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Many grand civilisations inhabited the area of Western Asia in Antiquity, and their wealth and prosperity is witnessed by the very sophisticated precious metal crafting of jewellery. Gold would have been hammered down to a thin layer and manipulated into different shapes. Gold, electrum and silver jewellery would have featured gold granules, glass and semi-precious stone inlays and detailed engravings. Granulation and filigree, were at the centre of Near Eastern and Western Asiatic jewellery production and were later adopted by the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans.

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Weight 7.62 g
Dimensions L 5.9 cm



Semi-Precious Stones


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