Exceptional Celtic Gold Plated Torc

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An exceptional torc, both by its dimensions and its material. It is indeed a very large gold-plated piece, decorated with gold granulation rings along its entire length, excluding the two extremities. Instead, they both features frames featuring friezes of concentric squares and circles.

Date: 1200 - 100 BC
Period: Late Bronze Age - Iron Age
Condition: Very fine condition. The gold at one of the edges is slightly scratched off.


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The word torc comes from the latin torques, meaning ‘twisted bars’. Torcs were neck rings worn widely across Europe during the Bronze Age. The greatest testaments to their popularity are the stunning examples made from valuable metals (such as the Snettisham Great Torc of gold alloy), and frequent mentions of torcs as spoils of war. These decorative pieces were not confined to militarily contexts, however, with their frequent appearance on Celtic deities suggestive of the torc’s religious significance.

Weight 473 g
Dimensions L 24.3 x W 30.5 cm


Time Period


Reference: For a similar item, The Met Museum, item 2005.366

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