Framed Fragment of a Gold Greek Diadem

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A beautiful simple Ancient Greek gold diadem fragment, hammered from thin gold sheet. The piece resembles the shape of a laurel leaf, comprised of three curved lanceolate blades arching away from a single pointed tip. Each blade features a single line down the centre rendered in repoussé technique, while the rest of the leaf’s surface has been left untouched by the craftsman.

The fragment is mounted in a custom-made frame.

The leaf roughly measures 4.0cm

Date: Circa 4th-3rd century BC
Condition: Fine condition, slight chip to middle blade.


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In Ancient Greece, as in many ancient societies, jewellery was an important social marker used to demonstrate wealth, social status and privilege. For the Greeks, this was not only true for the living but also for the dead, as this diadem reminds us: seen as it was not designed for everyday life, appearing too delicate and fragile. Rather, it was created for funeral purposes and decorated the forehead of a wealthy deceased. Originally, diadems consisted in plain ribbons tied around the head, used as a symbol of power for men: this simple principle is what inspired gold funerary diadems. However, with time, diadems started being used by women too and became more sophisticated, elaborate in shape, and decorative motives. The phenomenon reached its peak during the Hellenistic period, with diadems modelled in pure gold in the shape of laurel or oak leaves.

Weight 112.4 g
Dimensions L 9.35 x W 9.4 cm



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